Monday, March 16, 2015

Episode 5: Brad Fortier

Brad Fortier is co-founder of Happy Improv Fun Time and HIFT Consulting with Phil Incorvia, and he has a masters degree in the interdisciplinary study of the anthropology of improvised theater (a unique M.A. he earned at Portland State University).  Brad’s talents as a facilitator, presenter, and instructor have kept him busy doing his favorite activity – having fun with and making an impact on groups of people through interactive play. Brad got his start as a member of Portland’s Brody Theater from 1996 to 2012. He was the education director for the Brody from 2004-2011 and is still very busy developing curriculum and giving workshops around Portland, Oregon and the globe through Happy Improv Fun Time/HIFT Consulting.

Books by Brad Fortier:
Long-Form Improvisation: Collaboration, Comedy and Communion
A Culture Of Play

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