Monday, February 16, 2015

Episode 1: Rob Lewis

As I mentioned in the previous post the whole idea for the Curmudgeon Cafe Podcast came from my father Rob Lewis, and the idea to make the Curmudgeon Cafe a Podcast came to me while I was recording my father telling stories about his child hood and early adult life.  The first episode of the Curmudgeon Cafe Podcast is that recording of my father.

Rob Lewis was born in Oregon in 1959 and has live most of his life there.  He also served in the army during the cold war in Germany and has become a talented wheelwright and educator. His passion for woodworking and history has taken him on a lot of adventures throughout his life.  This interview only covers Robs time as a child and young adult and doesn't include much of his stories from later on.  I will sit down and conduct the rest of the interview with Rob Lewis for a later episode.  I hop you enjoy this interview with Rob Lewis.

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